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New cost savings for employees as Hurrecane Ebikes partner with SmartGO



SmartGO’s new ebike offer can now be accessed by members of SmartGO.

Hurrecane Ebikes offer the UK’s first and only ebike pay-as-you-go subscription service, bringing users worry-free and convenient ebike ownership.

The new partnership with SmartGO will help employees save money, as staff receive £5 off their monthly ebike subscription, saving £60 per year!

Once users confirm the type and size they require, Hurrecane will build and deliver the ebike to their door, charged and ready to ride. What’s more, the lifetime warranty and inclusive maintenance service provide peace of mind to cyclists so they never have to worry if their bike breaks down!

Users of the service can make changes to the bike, add their own accessories and can swap their bike for another in the range, upgrading or downgrading at any time with no penalties.

Phil Saunders, LocalGO and SmartGO Project Manager, commented “Ebikes are a great way to travel, bringing not only health benefits but environmental, as we find that people tend to swap their car journeys for their ebike where possible. The electric motor makes cycling long distance and up hills a doddle. Ebikes can be expensive to buy outright, so the Hurrecane Ebike subscription service makes them much more accessible.”   

“As the cost-of-living crisis continues, more people are looking at ways to save money, and using the bike as a form of travel is one of them, particularly when compared to the cost of running and owning a car.”  

Tony Wand, Hurrecane Business Development Director commented “We are delighted to be partnering with LocalGO and SmartGO. Many UK residents are now looking for low-cost energy-efficient forms of transport and a Hurrecane ebike can really help! They typically produce 0.015 kg of CO₂e emissions over three miles whilst an average-sized car produces 1.16 kg CO₂e – over 77 times more polluting! Our subscription service enables people to get out of their cars and experience the benefits of cycling without needing to buy their own. Not only are ebikes great fun, but they’re a fantastic way to get stay fit whilst being kinder to the environment!”

For further information on SmartGO or the Hurrecane ebike offer, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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