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New offer launch following SmartGO partnership with The Electric Car Scheme

New offer story

SmartGO’s first electric car offer can now be accessed by members of SmartGO.

The Electric Car Scheme enables staff across the UK to lease an electric car through their employer and save between 30-60% of costs. This new staff benefit is a UK Government tax incentive and works via salary sacrifice, and at no cost to the organisation.

The new partnership with The Electric Car Scheme will bring even more savings to employees, as they can access 2% cashback on their chosen electric car.

Staff can access the offer once their employer has signed up for The Electric Car Scheme via SmartGO. The employee then chooses from a wide range of electric cars, which includes maintenance, servicing, insurance, home charge point, early termination, and more.

Phil Saunders, LocalGo and SmartGo Project Manager, commented “Incentivising sustainable travel within workplaces is a great way to reduce the impact of commuting on the environment. SmartGO is committed to working with employers to find ways to incentivise low carbon travel and we are excited to announce our partnership with The Electric Car Scheme.”

“Electric cars, although better for the planet than petrol or diesel, can be quite expensive, and as we find ourselves in a cost-of-living crisis it’s important that electric vehicles can be more accessible to individuals, no matter their income.”

He added, “Employees can choose a car based on their salary, making it affordable. Our partnership with The Electric Car Scheme means that staff can receive an additional 2% cashback on their vehicle at the end of the year, helping them save even more money.”

Hiten Patel, Head of Partnerships at The Electric Car Scheme, commented “I am excited to be working with the GO Travel Solutions team again. They are leaders in promoting sustainable travel solutions to their members. We at The Electric Car Scheme pride ourselves on delivering the best salary-sacrificed electric vehicle service for organisations and their workforce. We are thrilled to now offer this service to all SmartGo members!”

For more information on SmartGo or The Electric Car Scheme, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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