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SmartGo Membership Case Study: Leicester City Council

“Everyone has to get to work somehow and as one of the largest local employers, Leicester City Council has a workforce who have diverse commuting requirements and behaviours.

“The SmartGo programme fits in perfectly with these choices and its suite of travel-related benefits have worked really well for us since we became a member in 2013. Twenty per cent of our entire central workforce now use our SmartGo membership and this number is growing steadily.

“The discounts are really well placed in the market and provide cost-effective benefits for a wide audience.

“As an employer with a real commitment to our staff, SmartGo is also economical to run. The membership cost to us as an organisation is far outweighed by the quality of service and cost savings on offer to our employees.

“In a crowded and competitive marketplace for employee workplace benefits packages, SmartGo is a proven concept and really stands out. It’s not just a ‘nice to have’ but we would now consider it a ‘need to have’ offer and from an employer perspective, it’s a no-brainer to continue our membership.”

Cory Laywood, Corporate Payments Manager at Leicester City Council






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